I watch a lot of Mixed Martial Arts,
I watch a lot of trash TV,
I watch a lot of youtube vids,
I used to collect sneakers...
I don't anymore,
I listen to a lot of music,
I like a good photo,
I occasionally stress...

Is this thing on?


Tattooed Porcelain Ladies by Jessica Harrison

As spotted on The World’s Best EverJessica Harrison’s “Painted Ladies” are on view right now at Galerie LJ in Paris.

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Transformers G1: Autobots & Decepticons by Thong Le / Tumblr / Twitter

8.5” X 11” giclee prints, numbered regular edition sets of 100 and foil variant editions in sets of 50. Available October 9th from the Acid Free Gallery, Booth #603, at NYCC 2014, More info HERE,

Mastodon were always awesome but they just raised the level of awesomeness by adding some twerk action to their latest video. POW!  


Donald Cerrone vs. Eddie Alvarez

choppin em down

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